My SSR Project from My Nightmares

By: That guys who sits at a table reading books.

Book 1: Swindle

Title- Swindle

Author- Hordon Korman

Genre- Adventure/Mystery

Topic/Subject- The book Swindle is about a boy and his friend who find a million dollar Babe Ruth card. They then sell it to a Pawn Shop for a couple hundred dollars thinking that it wasn't fake. However the next day they find out they had been SWINDLED! The kid and a bunch of his friends get together in order to steal the card back. In the end the card was given back to the old lady whom old the house last that the kid had found the card in. And nobody got ANYTHING from the entire ordeal.

Book 2: Zoo Break

Title- Zoo Break

Author- Hordon Korman

Genre- Adventure/Mystery

Topic/Subject- This book is the sequel to the book Swindle. In this book the friend of the main character looses her pet monkey. Apparently, while on a field trip, she sees her monkey I a small glass cage at a floating zoo. The crew gets back together to try and save her monkey from the evil owners of the zoo that stole her monkey from her. In the end the girl gets her monkey back and the owners get arrested for trying to steal a crocodile from a local zoo.

Book 3: Framed

Title- Framed

Author- Hordon Korman

Genre- Adventure/Mystery

Topic/Subject- This is another book in the Swindled series. In this book, the main character is framed for stealing a super bowl ring and is sentenced to house arrest. Meanwhile, his friends search for the real robber or the ring in order to free their friend. In the end the ring is found in the attic of the school because apparently a very anticlimactic mouse and stolen the ring because it was shiny and hid it with its collection of other shiny objects that it has stolen. The main character was freed and that is how the book ends.

Book 4: Ungifted

Title- Ungifted


Genre- Adveture/Mystery/Drama

Topic/Subject- In this book the main character is Donovan Curtis. He is think misbehaving little pice of garbage until one day, everything changes. One day he throws a stick at an old rusty statue and the globe roles of the hand and crashes into the school destroying a lot of property. Scared about being caught, Donavan freaks out, but not for long. He gets mistakenly invited to an Academy for gifted children and goes to that school for a large amount of time. Barely passing each assignment. Soon it is found that someone had hacked into the computer and done the super big state special text for Donavan. As the walls close in Donavan is kicked out of the Academy. However, in the end he winds up back in the Academy because of the way he had helped the class. And at the very end, a miricale happends. The husband of Donavan's sister comes back from serving in Iraq. And the story ends awesomely.

Reading Reflection

This year in Language was in my opinion, very intense. But I managed. I fought through websites that glitched out, very long assignments, and random activities that appeared from nowhere. I'm not saying the class is horrible, I'm saying I'm horrible at Language in MANY ways!

However, inside all that random junk I managed to soak up just a tad of knowledge. I've learned mostly about this active reader thing. In this, you do all these random things that I don't really remember. Sorry horrible short term memory. Anyway in this you do all these steps like visualize (of course I remember that -_-) where you picture the book in events in your head.

I also soaked up some sentence knowledge. I learned about confound complex sentences, complex sentences, independent closes, ect. It was actually kinda fun. I may struggle through language, but that was one of the main things I learned and enjoyed in a way!

Yet, through all of the horrible moments, deep down language was awesome. I learned all sorts of stuff and actually had fun in some activities. I learned so much that I was able to get this magical thing called a proficiency pass where I get to skip a semester test. So yeah, I may stink at language, and I really may not think it as my favorite class, I like it, and that's that. I hope that everyone else feels the same wa- er, no, I hope your really enjoy language. And maybe some people and even the teacher may think I'm not bad at it, but I did struggle, but I survived.

Write to Learn

Well, there isn't much for me to explain here. Reading is fun! I've loved reading ever since I learned to read literature. Still, I am not going to lie, I have chosen many other activities over reading. These include video games, sports, and television. However, today I stand against that. I am going to show why you should pick reading over other unwise activities.

Let's get started on this. Some children favor games like mine craft, call of duty, GTA and other games. These are exciting and all, but they really don't aid you. Being a mine craft fanatic myself, I can say it is fun, but it comes at a consequence. Mine craft and other popular video games consume hours like they are minutes. That's why I don't play it much anymore. Mainly because it takes time away from my family and I. Reading is much less sophisticated. Reading is hard to get interested in yes, I know, but it has an added bonus or two. Reading books helps your brain think clear and it doesn't take up the hours video games do.

Some people think that reading literature isn't worth their time and is boring. Well, I say that hypothesis is stupid and illogical. Even though books are hard to get used to, they can help your body and mind in many different ways. Remember when I said that books can help you think better? I wasn't making that up. Scientists have found out through specific studies that offspring or children whom read literature when they are young tend to have better learning abilities and a higher IQ than other children. Also, the amount of time you spend reading books is much easier to document and manage.

Speaking of which, let's talk about time. Time is spent like money. However, time cannot be gained. That is why time is the most precious commodity in the universe. Yet some people spend hours of it clicking a mouse or kicking a ball without benefit. Reading is a wise choice of time. Reading doesn't just benefit your intelligence but your family too. Video games and sports can take up hours at a time without notice and the poor family or friends of the person doing such are left aside. Reading is easily managed and easy to manage. Which is why the time you spend reading books is way more worth it than the time your spend playing GTA.

Now, examine sports. Although many people may say sports isn't in any way negative, but it is in a few ways. Sports are great for your health and character building, but they also are dangerous for your body. Let's take a look at football players. Many of them fall victim to memory failure due to all the concussions or even serious brain damage. Reading can only damage your brain if you're dumb. You may call me out for this, but you know in a way I am right.

Aside from all those facts I have just stated, reading is great in general! It gives your family and teachers' confidence in you, and it doesn't have any side effects. In conclusion, I highly advise reading over other activities. It helps your brain get smarter, gives your family time with you, and doesn't snap your leg. Unless you're stupid enough to try to break Webster's Dictionary over your shin. That's all I have to say here, and I hope you'll take this into consideration! Go reading!