Butterflies go through a stage called Metamorphosis. Males mate with Female butterflies, and then die. When the Males die, the females lay the eggs, then later die. Metamorphosis has 4 stages egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The larvae hatch from a egg then eat the egg shell.


It has 3 body parts. It has 6 legs. Its wings are symmetrical. It has a proboscis, which is a sucker that sucks up food. Larvae have false legs and 6 real legs.

Interesting Facts

Chrysalis is the Greek word for GOLD. When butterflies hatch they are wet. When butterflies hatch their dye just drips off. People believed that butterflies were attracted too butter and milk.


They can do Camo.. One caterpillar looks like bird droppings. They have bright colors witch means "don't eat me". They can be poisonous too eat. some butterflies look like a Bigger anamale with their false eyes.

Different species

The monarchs wingspan can be 5in. The monarch is related to the queen. The Mexican Blue wing is one of many butterflies. The 89 butterfly has a 89 on it. The zeabra swallowtail has black and white stripes.