How the Internet Affects Our Brains

Is it really making us dumber?


Unlike Nicholas Carr, most people do not believe the Internet is making us dumb. By 2020, "the Internet may make us more literate in a different kind of way." It is not that we will lose our ability to write, instead, children will no longer be taught penmanship. The Internet will bring us together as a community, so "perhaps individuals will lose their way, but as a society, we'll get smarter collectively." The Internet has now made us measure intelligence in a certain way, "and maybe the whole nature of intelligence will be changing 10 years from now. It won't necessarily be how much you can retain, how much your hard drive can hold in your head, but it'll be the way you can assess information, that you can think critically, that you can synthesize information."
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Hank: Out-of-Touch Dad
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  1. Why would we get smarter as a whole, but not individually?
  2. How will intelligence be measured in the future?
  3. Why should we risk losing basic skills to move onto more collaborative thinking?
  4. Why do we feel the need to be anonymous on the Internet?


The Internet is going to diminish our ability to use our basic skills, such as answering simple questions or using our penmanship. " Hours spent texting and emailing ... do not translate into improved writing or reading skills." Our views are based on just one person's opinion, so we are somewhat biased. But, from what we can conclude from this reading, it does not matter whether or not the Internet is making us smarter or dumber, since it is going to be around forever.