Watercolor painting

A how to by Emma Buczek

Step 1: Gather your supplies

  1. Watercolor paint
  2. Paint brush(s)
  3. Cup of water
  4. Spray bottle with water in it
  5. Paper or canvas (if you use paper, use thick paper)

Step 2: Preparation

  1. Spray the paint to moisten
  2. Spray the paper or canvas
  3. Dip brush into water
  4. Start to paint
Tip: have a relaxed hand when painting and only use a dab of paint.

Let the paint flow freely!

Why is it important?

I believe it's important to know how to do the art of water color painting because it's a fun thing to do to just express how your feeling and to relax. It's also very easy to blend the colors together so that the whole piece looks whole.

Don't forget to use a lot of water!

More Helpful Tips.....

Once you start to paint, the paint will spread around because of the water. You should blend colors that look good next to each other and don't turn into a brown or black. If there is too much water on your paper or canvas, get a paper towel and dab lightly to absorb the water.