S & S pet sitting

By: Sofia ,and Summer

All About Me (Sofia) and Summer.

Me and summer adore and love animals.We also have plenty of experience with pets and animals below are all the pets we have had or have currently!

Summer: 3 dogs, 4 fish and one cat.

Sofia: 1 dog, 6 fish, 2 crabs, 3 cats, 7 bunnies, and 1 hamster. to the right is a pic of 1 bunny.

Where to live for our service

If you are in our service than live in chestnut hills plantation,columbia ,south carolina. If you do not live in that area we can talk to you and find a solution to the problem hopefully we can still help you with your pet while you are away.If not we are sorry but we cant reach you or you pet can not get the care or love it needs with our knowledge for the pet\animal you have we are sorry.

How To Contact Us !

If you wish to contact us below is all of our contact info you will need if you call and get a voice mail then say your name ask for S&S pet sitting and state your phone number and pet if you wish we will contact you as soon as possible Thank You for all you have done!
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The End I Hope You Enjoyed It