Taft Timberwolf Newsletter

Week of December 13, 2015

From the Principal's Desk


Over the past two weeks we have had several close calls in the morning and at dismissal. Remember to use your mirrors AND take an extra look behind and in front of you when moving your car from a parking space or from alongside the road. Our children are small and sometimes hard to see. Students who ride bikes have also had some close encounters with cars turning the corner too fast or drivers with their attention elsewhere.

I am asking that we all take an extra look, slow down a bit, and remember that we are in a school zone with precious children on foot and on bikes.


The Hour of Code December 2015 - From Our Librarian, Ms. Pritzl

Between December 3 - 15 all KG thru Grade 5 classes participated in the second annual “Hour of Code.” A world wide effort to get kids interested in computer science.

“Coding” is another term for computer programming. During computer lab or information literacy lessons students were introduced to coding and had the opportunity to try out their own “coding” skills through interactive websites and apps specifically designed for elementary students.

Coding is fun AND it is great for developing planning, logic, problem solving and perseverance strategies. The students had a great time and Miss Pritzl had a fabulous time teaching them, helping them and learning from them


Check out coding websites and a list of free APPS at Miss Pritzl’s website http://www.neenah.k12.wi.us/faculty/apritzl/computer-coding.cfm. For more information about The Hour of Code and the global effort to reach tens of millions of students in more than 180 countries visit Code.org @ https://code.org.

Calendar of Events

12/17 - vision screening - grades 1, 3, and 5

12/18 - Shattuck 8th Grade Winter Tour will visit Taft at 1:10 to perform for our students

12/24 - 1/3 - Winter recess

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