We are the World

By: Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie


"We are the World" is written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie to help poverty in Africa. This song was recorded in 1985 by a supergroup of very talented artists called USA for Africa. This non-profit foundation raised money to feed and relieve starving people in Africa, specifically in Ethiopia.

History of the Writers

" We are the world"was created by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29th, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. Born the eighth member of the Jackson family, he made his move of a singer with his brother who were in the Jackson 5. It was in 1971 when he started his solo career and took off later to become the "King of Pop". He holds the record of the most accomplished songwriter and singer of all time with an estimated 400 million records sold worldwide.

Lionel Brockman RIchie Jr. was born on June 20th, 1949 in Tuskegee, Alabama. In 1968 he became a member of the group, Commodores signed to Motown Records and made his solo debut in 1982. He launched his #1 US song, "Truly" in the 80's as one of the most successful balladeers of the 1980's.


In the song the composer reference parts of the lyrics to God. This is bias because not everyone in the world is Christian which means they are putting one religion before others.


there comes a point within a conflict where we act on overcoming a situation. The world must unit to help out around the world. There are conflicts all around the world. Time to create a resolution so people vcan enjoy the gift of life. We have to act first and not wait for others to. We all come from different places but we all have the ability to act and are all apart of the world God created. Love conquers all. We are all in the world together and all God's children. Our choices seal our fate. So act when needed and dont wait for others before you. We can make better days by coming together. Let people know they are loved so they know we are there for them. (people in Africa) They will grow stronger knowing they have people to lean on. God healed the weak so we need to act more like Him as selfless people. When you're at the bottom you feel helpless but if you have faith there's always hope for the future. The only way to fix a problem is to go beyond differences and come together to help.


The overral mood of the song would be peace and unity. The main point of the song is to bring the world together to help African poverty.


shares a message of hope. What this song means to us is that we all have an opertunity to change the world. Whether we act on conflicts now or wait on someone else to, it is up to us. If we all come together to help out we have chance for better days.