By: Jordi Sanchez & Temesgen Sheycha


Some benefits of a command economy is that everyone gets paid equal & depend on the government for supplies. People will want a command economy because they think they can depend on the government enough goods & keeping the price down.

The Facts

A command economy works by the government making decisions giving rights from centrialized athorithy. The government is in charged of this economy.People are paid equally and unfairly.The government decide what people sell and buy.
Command Economy (Economics report)


In a command economy individuals have to be forced to work. Isn't that awesome you can work in any job and get paid the same!

they control the people!! How excited does that sound?! If your a doctor you get paid the same as a janitor! Isn't that great!!


command economy is paying the same amount of money to every one and you can not tell who is poor. people want command economy because they will get paid and have the same money as everyone else.