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A little "comic" relief...

This past week I have been working with Mrs. Adams 8th grade science classes who are studying watersheds and their effect on the environment. As a summative assessment, they have created comic strips that show what they have learned in the unit. A comic strip instead of a test? What student isn't interested?

Mrs. Adams used StoryBoard That, an online program that I showcased in my last newsletter. It worked out really well as you can see for the student made example below:

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Can you use this in your classroom?

YES!! I will be glad to help you if you schedule a time when I am here (Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday). These comics worked so well as a trial run that I am created a school account for BMS. This account is active until the Spring and can handle as many cartoons as your class wants to create. If you want to try it, send me an email. I will be glad to work with you and help you with the lesson.

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Think of the BMS StoryBoard That account as an early Christmas present from me...

I will be glad to come into your classroom, help you set up the choices with your students, build rubrics (we already have some on hand), help create the lesson plans to include the technology and the choices - and then help teach the students the different technologies.

So what do you think? Want to try making comics in your class and engage your students in an exciting new project or integrate the program into a "personalized learning" assessment?

If you need any more help or information, make sure to email me at anytime! I will be glad to come by and step you through the process.