Uncle Tom's Cabin Newsletter

1850's Cultural Interactions

Throughout the nineteenth century, advertisements are showing that even though the book, Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, was not a favored book, people had strong opinions and controversies regarding the issues of racism within slavery. Most southerners promoted the idea that if a slave was compliant, then they would survive.

In this advertisement, although the book isn't a good read, it does have a strong opinion regarding the issue of slavery and very greatly shows all the bad effects of it.

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Mickey Mouse Advertisement

This picture shows the northerner view in America, which is showing anti-slavery.
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Uncle Tom's Cabin

This was also anti-slavery, and influenced a massive number of people at one time and evoked strong emotions.
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This advertisement is pro-slavery, depicting how white is more appealing to black.

Maya Solomon

-people have strong controversies about slavery

-there were some books changed to pro-slavery instead of anti-slavery

Zaina Waheed

- Some articles or advertisements tried to pass off the idea of the slaves and white owners actually getting along.

- That some people were using uncle tom and eva together to send a message of a false unity of some sort.