A Generation of Cloning

What is the future to bring with cloning?

The Meeting

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Tuesday declared human cloning and changing of gender as un-Islamic acts while announcing its recommendations on a range of issues. Addressing a press conference, CII Chairman Maulana Muhammad Ali Sherani said the council in its 193rd meeting discussed different issues. The council declared human cloning as un-Islamic while maintaining its recommendations given in a previous meeting. One had said that changing of gender was also un-Islamic for both men and women, however, a person could be operated upon if he has characteristics of both sexes.

Scientist create Embryonic Stem Cells through Human Cloning

In a world first, US scientists have successfully created embryonic stems cells through human cloning. The technique used is considered ethically controversial because its requires an embryo to be created and then destroyed. The big advantage is that the embryonic stem cells that are gathered are a perfect genetic match to the person who gave the skin cells in the first place. For years scientists have tried to perfect this particular cloning technique, but it's never been possible. In the past it's been successful with animals, but scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University in America say they've made a breakthrough using human cells. The technique is called somatic cell nuclear transfer, or therapeutic cloning.