Endangered Species

What are Endangered Species?

Endangered Species are plants and animals that will become extinct over time if we don't try to preserve them. These species are often exotic animals, and some are even well known animals. These animals need our help so we can have them living and re- populating for years to come.

Endangered Species in Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut there are 18 different endangered species, 16 animals and 2 plants


  • Eagle, bald
  • Plover, piping
  • Puma, eastern
  • Sea turtle, green
  • Sea turtle, hawksbill
  • Sea turtle, Kemp's ridley
  • Sea turtle, leatherback
  • Sea turtle, loggerhead
  • Sturgeon, shortnose
  • Tern, roseate
  • Tiger beetle, northeastern beach
  • Tiger beetle, Puritan
  • Turtle, bog
  • Wedgemussel, dwarf
  • Whale, finback
  • Whale, right


  • Gerardia, sandplain
  • Pogonia, small whorled

What can be done to help save them

  • Help preserve their environment
  • Recycle your trash and plastic
  • Take good care of national parks
  • Removing weeds and planting native animals
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Join an organization that helps protect animals

Laws that help Protect Endangered Species

Endangered Species Act- This act prevents the killing or selling of any endangered species

Marine Mammal Protection Act-This act prevents the killing or selling of any marine mammal such as whales and sea turtles.

Connecticut Endangered Species Act- This act protects species in CT from being harmed or killed. These are species native to this state and are more specific and focused on.