Massage Therapist

Caleb Longley

Description of profession

- Manipulates muscles and other soft tissues in order to provide relief to patients.

- Relieve pain, improve circulation, help heal injuries, relieve stress, and assist in general well being of a patient.

Necessary certifications and other schooling

- Complete 500 or more hours of on the job experience.

- Most states require a license to practice massage therapy.

- A small amount of post secondary education is required for a license.

What do they make and what is the outlook?

-$37,180 per year

- Expected to grow 22% by 2024

Where do they work?

- Often times, they are employed in offices, spas, hotels, and fitness centers.

- Some may travel to a client's home.

- Settings vary: a rehab therapist will work in a large area with a lot of other therapists, while a therapist working at a spa will have a very different setting.

Skills needed

- Confidence working closely with clients.

- Communication and listening skills.

- A good appearance and good personal hygiene.

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