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March 2016 - Issue

Top Tip Of The Month

The top tip of the month is to advise you to follow @betguru101 and message me if you have any questions about certain picks. I am always open to help friends, family and followers of mine with there sports and betting questions.

BETGURU101... Let me clear your betting mind, message me if your having trouble making a pick.

March Betting Tips

  1. Don't bet on teams with losing records to beat teams with winning records (NBA, NHL).
  2. Stay away from big spreads in basketball (NCAA, NBA).
  3. Only bet on hockey teams to win by 1 goal or bet against the spread if its -1,-1.5 or -2.0 (NHL).
  4. Take teams to win by 1 in March Madness Tournament, expect very close games for the remainder of the tournament (NCAA).
  5. Bet on teams that need to win to make the playoffs (NHL, NBA).
  6. Teams that wont be making the playoffs will be playing rookies and not trying to win every game (so dont bet on them).
  7. Bet online to get Vegas odds and better options, stay away from Pointspread (OLG).
  8. If you are going to bet through OLG, stick to Proline instead of Pointspread (NCAA, NHL).
  9. Home teams win on average +70% of the time in all sports so put that into consideration when betting on a visiting team (NHL, NBA).
  10. Home teams in the NCAA Tournament are not actually playing at home so dont use the home advantage for NCAA games this month.

NCAA March Madness Betting Advice From The Guru

March Madness can consume sports betters lives in March and usually in a negative way. Its the time of year in sports that's very unpredictable and extremely hard to be perfect. I want to help guide the beginners into making more value pick bets and not betting on the long shots. Saving money is as profitable as winning.

To begin Don't take big spreads in the tournament, your better off to bet on the underdog not lose by 11.5 then to bet on the expected team to win by those margins. My best advice for the tournament can be to stick to money line bets and teams to win by 1 point. Picking a winner is a lot easier and more profitable in the long run then betting on big spreads. Majority of the games are won by 1 or 2 points, betting on an underdog to win seems like money in the bank if your right but always remember they are an underdog for a reason. Bet on the underdog not to lose by the spread but dont take them to win the game if they are an underdog.

NHL Betting Advice From The Guru

The NHL Playoff race is in full effect right now, teams that aren't making the playoffs are already preparing for next season and the teams that are on the bubble are playing harder then ever. The best advice I can help you out with for the NHL over the next couple weeks is to advise you not to bet on teams that aren't going to make the playoffs. At this point in the season it actually helps the lower seeded teams to lose games for the remainder of the season to increase there draft pick for next year (examples: Toronto, Columbus, Buffalo and Edmonton).

The teams that need to win are the teams that will be winning more (examples: Philadelphia, Colorado, Minnesota and starting now Detroit). All those teams want to make the playoffs but are in jeopardy of not making it if they dont win all there games remaining. Teams like Chicago, Washington, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Anaheim are all in full winning effect also. Stick to one goal wins always in hockey, or betting against a 1.5 spread.

Good luck Sports Betters, I want to see you all line your pockets with gambling money.

NBA Betting Advice From The Guru

NBA is a sport that can be very profitable for sports betters but its very hard to pick odds for the NBA, this is why Proline and OLG dont offer NBA betting odds ever. Good thing Vegas has online betting because right now is the best time to bet on the NBA because the playoff race is on with less then 10 games remaining.

NBA is a lot like hockey, the teams that need to win will be winning more andfor the teams that aren't making the playoffs it becomes better to lose games so they can get a better pick in the upcoming draft. Stay away from large spreads, bet on a win by 1 to 5 points is safe. Don't take teams with losing records to beat teams with winning records. NBA is simple to bet on if your not looking for the long shot big upset, because big upsets in the NBA dont happen often at all.

Betting / Winning Percentages last 30 days

BETGURU101 Winning Percentages from picks I gave my viewers this month: 87% with 26 wins - 4 loses.

NCAA Winning Percentage: 88% with 38 wins and 5 loses.

NBA Winning Percentage: 94% with 49 wins and 3 loses.

NHL Winning Percentage: 94% with 61 wins and 4 loses.

* Follow me and realize these statistics are real and can be real profitable.

Message From BETGURU101

My objective is to help Rookie betters increase there winning percentages and find a way to avoid bad bets. If you have any questions or want any help with picks ever please feel free to message me @betguru101. My goal is make betting fun for you like it is for me.