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Week of January 11, 2016

Saturday was a great event. We had over 500 families (and many more people) come out to learn more about our high schools. Each of you did a wonderful job representing your schools and AISD. We took notes and suggestions on how we can improve to make next year's even more fantastic. If you have suggestions, please get them to Jennifer Mendez before too much time passes.

The changes in attendance practice in AISD to be in compliance has caught the eye of several parents. Many of you have seen jumps in your attendance as students and families reconsider each absence carefully. However, there is concern that some absences, while legally are unexcused, may need to be "waived' from having to actually make up time - that other consistent, across all campuses options should be explored. We will continue our discussions and fine-tuning of this procedure at the next principal's meeting. (See important message below about senior ranking and attendance)

As we prepared the "Points of Pride" information sheets for the showcase, one of the markers that caught my eye was that AISD students were offered over 93 million dollars in scholarships. Wow! I would like for our goal to be over 100 million this year. To help with that, AISD is holding its first annual AISD only scholarship fair on January 27. Be sure to get your seniors to the event! Also, let's all share how we track that and any other 'secrets' your campus has discovered to help all AISD high schools increase their scholarship numbers for this year.

As a reminder, our next book study is Deeper Reading. There is no need to read ahead, however be sure to bring a copy of the book with you next Wednesday.


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Senior Ranking

January 25 is the due date for senior ranking. Encourage your registrars to be done by January 20. It is SUPER important that your admin team work closely with the registrars to clear up attendance for seniors before this date for those courses to be included in the ranked GPA.

Tweets of the Week

SXSW Badges Opportunity

SXSWedu has partnered with TES again this year to help send educators to SXSWedu by giving away 100 free registration badges through a social media campaign.

In short, we are asking educators to use the hashtag #TESInnovates on social media to demonstrate how they innovate the classroom experience. Using the hashtag will automatically enter them into the giveaway.

Additional Information: http://sxswedu.com/news/2015/tesinnovates

We are excited about this opportunity to further support educators who otherwise might not be able to attend SXSWedu.

Principals Weekly: See email from Mr. Oropez for details

  • Be sure to distribute your TEA Report Card to parents
  • Feb 13 is the TEDEx Youth @Austin Event: Be sure get your students involved
  • Promote Voter Registration
  • Information of PPfT
  • Innovative Reading Grant Opportunity
  • Have a Cap 10K Team
  • 100th Hot Science Cool Talks Lecture
  • PD For World Languages
  • Submit ideas for Green School Ideas
  • Open Carry Rules

Events this week


  • 6:30 Board Work Session


  • 6:00 Boundary Advisory Committee Meeting @ Board Room
  • 6:15 ELLAC Meeting @ Sanchez Elementary



  • Late Start for High Schools
  • AISD presents the War of 1812 Series
  • 6:30 FABPAC @ Blazier Elementary
  • 7:00 The IB Experience @ Anderson High School



Upcoming Dates:

* 1/20 Principal's Meeting

* 1/27 AISD Only First Annual Scholarship Fair

* 1/28 Deadline to register for the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair