Edgerton Weekly #29

April 15, 2016

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Equity In All We Do-Does Your Classroom Cultivate Student Resilience?

"Resilience is not a genetic trait. It is derived from the ways that children learn to think and act when faced with obstacles large and small. The road to resilience comes first and foremost from children's supportive relationships with parents, teachers, and other caring adults. These relationships become sources of strength when children work through stressful situations and painful emotions. When we help young people cultivate an approach to life that views obstacles as a critical part of success, we help them develop resilience." To read more of the artilce on student resilience, that includes Five Ways to Cultivate Resilience click here.

Our Val

Many of you read Val's email yesterday announcing her retirement. I know while we all support her, this is hard both for her and for us. Val is deeply woven into the fabric of the Edgerton family. She brings out the best in each of us and she will always be a part of what makes Edgerton Edgerton. The hospitality committee will be planning something to help us send Val off with some love. It will be done in a way that honors what Val prefers. If you have ideas please connect with Lorrie Hayne or me.

Instructional Leadership or SIP

There will be a fun, competitive quick quiz on our Site Improvement Plan at our next staff meeting. To review our SIP, click here. I know we can sometimes be a bit competitive so I wanted to give you a heads up. Those who know our SIP well will have an advantage.

May 2 Professional Development

May 2 will be a unique professional development day. There will be two sessions of CRCT. The other part of the day will be Math Expression observations at Carver. Their student population is similar to ours. Some of you will go to Carver in the am and some of you will go in the pm. The time for your grade level is listed below. Use the additional time to go out to lunch, talk about Math instruction and plan for Math Expressions. Please let me know if you have any questions.


AM/PM-Field Trip to Carver Elementary (2680 Upper Afton Road, Maplewood) to observe Math Expressions in action:

Kindergarten-2:00 observation in Mary Gamache’s Classroom

1st Grade-10:20 observation in Lisa Imsdahl’s Classroom

2nd Grade- 1:00 observation in Mary Lyle’s Classroom

3rd Grade- 9:40 observation in Kelli Olson's Classroom

4th/5th Grade- 1:30 observation in Kristin Bauer's Classroom

** Side note: Staff at some of the other Roseville schools will be self-selecting their math PD sessions from a menu of options for May 2nd. Our staff will be included in this process as well in the future, however for May 2nd, our staff will be focusing on the above work.


  1. Be sure to progress monitor once a week with the CBMs or Running Records. This data is important data that we use to determine if a student is in the right intervention, if our kids are on track to meet their intervention goals, if they are making progress, what degree they are making progress and to meet their year-end targets.
  2. If you do an office referral, please remember to check the box that communicates what you would like to see happen. Context regarding student behavior is important. We also want to hear the perspective of the person referring the student.
  3. Last month we noticed a dip in Eagle Pride tickets handed out. Our goal for all staff is to give out five each day. A helpful hint: attach them to your lanyard to make it easy to give them to students to positively reinforce Eagle Pride.
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