Jacob Schwartz NewsLetter

by Jacob Schwartz


I have 3 Step Sisters - Shayna, Jenna, and Ciera

I have 1 Brother - Matthew

I Have 1 Half Brother - Parker

I have 3 Step Brother InLaws- Chris, Stephen/Tyler, and Anthony/Tony

School Info

1st Hour - Computer Lit/Gym

2nd Hour - Pre-Algebra

3rd hour - Gateway To Technology

4th hour - Science

5th hour - Social Studies

6th and 7th hour - English


I love to play video games

I love to play football

I love to watch/go to Chiefs football games

I love to watch YouTube videos

Career Day

I am going to a CEO session

I am going to a computer software engineer session

I am going to a police officer session


I have an A

I have an A-

I have a B-

I have an F