Matriarchal Society

Reality or Myth?

Andrew Myer


4th Period

What is a Matriarchal Society?

A matriarchal society is a family, group or state governed by a matriarch (a woman who is head of a family or tribe). The Amazonians are the most famous examples of a matriarchy. In a matriarchal society, women hold political power, while excluding men.

Are there Matriarchal Societies Today?

The Mosuo, the Minangkabau, the Alan, the Bribri, the Garo, and the Nagovisi are 6 examples of matriarchal societies today. In these cultures, the women typically are the only ones that can own land, and daughters inherit their mother's belongings after they die.

Can Matriarchal Societies Work?

Bugs are other good example of a matriarchal society. Male ants only live to breed with the female ants. Almost every ant that you have seen has been a female. Bees also live in a matriarchal society. All bees only live to serve their queen bee, which is a female. Matriarchal societies can work with bugs, but they may not work as well with humans.
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In America

Not too long ago, the majority of single mothers were either poor or minorities. Now, single motherhood is becoming more acceptable in all communities. Single mother families are far more common than single father families. Out of all single parent families, 83% are single mother families, while 17% are single father families. Out of those 83% of women, 23.2% of them are jobless.

Can Matriarchal Families in America Function?

The average annual income of married couples, is $80,000, while the average income of single mothers is only $24,000. 54% of black children nationwide are being raised by single mothers. 41% of Hispanic families below the poverty line are being raised by single mother, and 32 percent of poor white families only have one parent present. It is almost impossible to provide for a child with only $24,000 a year. Mothers have to pay expenses like rent, food, and anything that the child needs to survive. While some fatherless families can function, the majority of them do not have the income to function properly.
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Psychological Aspect

Obviously, young men need positive male role models in their life. While their mothers, can not be this role model for them, they can make sure that their sons are active in church, sports, or any other activity where they can have a father figure. The best thing that these single mothers can do for their children, is to let them interact with their father, and build a relationship with him. Just because the father does not live with his son, doesn't mean that he shouldn't be a part of his life.

In Summary,

Matriarchal societies may work in some cultures, but in developed countries, they do not prosper. In today's society, everybody wants to be treated equal, and in matriarchal societies, women are placed at higher value than men. Single mothers can raise children, but it is very difficult to provide for them financially and emotionally. It is best for single mothers to find a father figure for their child, and to also find a job that can support them financially.


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