Photosynthesis Poster

By: Jasean Carter

Information about Photosynthesis

In photosynthesis the function is to capture energy and store in sugars. The location of photosynthesis is in the chloroplast, not chlorophyll that give the plant it's green color. But also the type of cells this happens in is the plant cells. This is a little info to get to know about photosynthesis.

Cellular Respiration Information

The Cellular respiration is a little different The function is to release energy that was stored in the sugars.The location for this process is located in the mitochondria. The type of cells these occur in are plant and animal cells. But all you have to remember is Cellular releases and Photosynthesis captures.

Reactant and product for Cellular Respiration

Reactant: Oxygen and glucose

Product: Water and Carbon dioxide

Reactants and products for Photosynthesis

Reactant: Water & Carbon dioxide

Product: Oxygen and glucose