Evangelia Sandoval

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

airfare cost and schedule

I am going to be flying to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from Denver, Colorado. I will be taking a 2 stop flight to Rio. The two stops are Chicago, and then to Dallas. On the way back I will have a two stop flight again to New York, and then to North Carolina. I will be on the airplane 18 hours and 40 minutes on the way to Rio. On the way back to Colorado I will be on the airplane for 23 hours and 19 minutes. I am leaving at 10:30 am and coming back at 10:06 pm. This flight is going to cost $1470.



I will be staying at the JW Marriott Hotel. This hotel will cost $349 a night. While on the travelocity website it says $379. This hotel has great views of the near by ocean. The Marriott has a big lobby so you can hangout with your friends and family. The swimming pool is great it is outside, and most of the time it is sunny so you can enjoy the sights of Rio.



One of the most famous attractions in Rio de Janeiro is Christ the Redeemer. Christ the Redeemer was considered the largest art deco in the world. Seeing this attraction was one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen. The statue was so tall you could barely see the top.

Another great activity to visit is the Copacabana beach. From the JW marriott hotel you can see this beach and all it beautiful views. When walking along this huge beach you will come across some great cafes and busy hotels.

A great activity is the Rio Carnival, It is held before Easter and last 5 days. Carnival is really fun to see the parade and all the cool floats. Most people like to dress up in unique costumes to celebrate that lent is over. Their is about two hundred million people on the streets everyday to celebrate. When I went I barely any room to move.





Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A problem to anticipate in Rio de Janeiro is the water. If you were to drink unfiltered tap water you could become very sick. To avoid this trouble is to drink bottled water and ask your hotel about the water in your room.

Another issue you might come along is mosquitoes. These bugs are a big issue in Brazil just like in the U.S. You can get diseases such as malaria from mosquitoes. To

screen away from these illness you could get vaccinations. Before leaving the country getting vaccinations will help you from getting very sick.



I vistited Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this trip was really fun and I would go again. There was a lot of filghts available. While on the go in Rio I decided to use public transportation because it was a lot more cheaper than private transportation. While on certain tours it was great that it was public because there was more people to witness this experience. Seeing the historical buildings while walking along the beach was amazing to see all the stuff Rio has been through.