Corporate Social Responsibility practices

Who are we?

The Colombian Police is a governmental institution for the security of Colombia. It was founded by Juan María Gilibert.

Our objective

The objective is to take care of the coexistence and security of the citizens.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility

It is a social commitment with the company’s environment; in the practice, it means those good things that can be done for the society in order to compensate the damage that the activities the company carries out could cause.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Colombian Police

The Colombian Police does non-profit social work, through which the members of the institution receive benefit. Such social work is coordinated by the general’s and colonel’s wives. Some examples are:

Economic resources for the social work!

The economic resources for this social work come from funds obtained during an event which takes place once a year, called „CAFÉ POR UN FUTURO“, in which entrepreneurs from all Colombia contribute with money.


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