Shoes For Orphan Souls

by: Larissa Segovia

Shoes for Orphan Souls 2012

what is shoes for orphan souls?

  • The largest humanitarian aid project of Buckner International
  • Provides new shocks and shoes for orphans
  • Most of the shoes go to children in Mexico, Peru, and Ethiopia

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Servant Leadership

servant leadership is going out and being a leader by helping your community in anyway. Helping your community leads the people around you to do the same. We are going to take our time to do good things for the people who may need us in teen 2.

The Experience

600,000 People are helped with Buckner each year

About the kids

  • Walk around barefoot with rocks and sharp objects on the ground
  • Never owned a pair of shoes
  • They don't know exactly how it feels to walk with shoes

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Over All Experience

Everyone who was directing us in the warehouse was very nice and helpful. We had fun while doing something that is going to help children in other countries. It made me feel good about myself at the end of the day

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