Archetype examples

MaryKathryn and William

The masquerader - The wolf in Little Red Riding Hood

The wolf in little red riding hood is the antagonist in the story that knows a little girl with a red hood is walking to her grandmas house, through the woods. The wolf eats the grandma and dresses up in her place, pretended to be her so that the wolf can eat the little girl with the red hood as well.

Trying to blend in to fit the "grandma look", the wolf puts on the grandmas clothes and glasses and lays in her bed, waiting for the little girl to come in the house so that he can catch her in his trap.

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The manipulator - Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl

Georgina Sparks is known for her bad reputation and the bad things that she has done to people. She craves to scheme and tricks her "friends" into doing stuff that they should not do.
Knowing that Serena (the main character), is trying to stay away from things such as drugs, Georgina sneaks them into her soda when Serena is in the bathroom. Georgina knew that Serena had a major test the next day and was trying her best to sabotage any progress Serena had going for her.
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Mistreated/Misunderstood Villian - maleficent

Maleficent is a fairy, who befriended a human. When the king of the kingdom asked for Maleficent's head, the human at night sneaked to the moor where Maleficent lived and cut off her wings.

Maleficent is a Mistreated villain, she did not ask for her human friend, whom she trusted very much, to cut off her wings. That's the reason why Maleficent cursed the king's daughter when she was born.

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