Ice Cube

A bibliography by: Julian Nicholas Elvir

Ice cubes Home town

Ice cube was born in South central LA California. The neighborhood he lived in was always involved with Guns,drugs and violence. His real name is O'shea Jackson. He has sold about 21 albums. He was raised having a ghetto life. He was born in the year 1969 June 15 and he is now 45. He lives life being a famous rapper and actor. I chose this person because he was an interesting person and I never researched him so I just would do it for the project.

Ice Cubes Childhood

When he was a kid he was a passionate student. He liked Football and Music. Around his time he got more involved with his music. Then when he got a little bit older, I would say about 14 he started a rap group named "N.W.A".The group was a rap group that they created with the rappers. The rappers include DJ Yella, Eazy-E, and Mc Ren. Including Ice cube. He was also wondering why the drugs,guns violence caught more attention.

Ice Cubes Teenage Life

Ice cube saw most of his friends killed or sent to Jail.After high school he went to a phoenix institute for technology. After he left the school and got a 2 year degree in drafting in 1988.Around this time he continued with his music and started another group called C.I.A.When he hit fame was in 1988.The group was a controversial group.There fame was on there line "Straight out of Compton". An upcoming rapper caught attention of his group and his rapping talent.

Ice Cubes life today.

Ice Cube has come out with many albums. 21 at the most. He also played in the movies Friday(1995),Barbershop(2002,Are we there yet(2005),Boyz in the hood(1992), Three Kings (1999),and Ride along(2014).He now has a positive society of life. He is a rapper and a movie actor. He is worth 140 million. He is not in a group anymore he is a solo rapper.
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