Aggression - Competitive Animals

by Brent Uhing

Aggression is...

"Aggression - A threatening behavior that one animal uses to gain control over another animal."

Animals show aggression when competing against other animals for a similar goal. This behavior involves potential harm to other animals. Normally this behavior is engaged between two animals, however sometimes large groups can participate to create a fight. Animals get aggressive over many different things: food, mates, land, and much more.

So You Wanna Be the Alpha Male?

Some animals (such as Chimpanzees) use aggressive behavior to prove that it is completely dominant over all other animals of the same species. They may fight, kill, or preform a ritual as to prove this.
When a Silverback attacks.

This video of an animal enraged at the sight of a girl imitating and mocking him. This is an example from our own Henry Doorly Zoo, and this is a perfect example of aggression.

A Dog's Bark is Worse Than It's Bite

Quite literally, most tamed house dogs bare their teeth, growl, and snap to show their agitated behavior. However dogs usually do not feel the need to actually bite unless they feel endangered or to save someone they are loyal to.