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Schools In Freehold

In Freehold there are a lot of schools like Elementary, Middle, and even High schools. You might be wondering where am I going to go to school? Well, that's a good question. The rule in freehold of where you go to school is divided of what side of route 9 you live on. All the Elementary schools in freehold are, West Freehold, Errickson, Catena , Laura Donovan, and Applegate. When I was in Elementary school last year I went to Errickson. Errickson is the only school that gets split up between the two middle schools Barkalow, and Eisenhower. I go to Eisenhower.

In my school we have two teams in 6th grade. Team A, and team B. I'm on team B. My schedule on day 1 is, math for period 1&2, period 3 is Spanish, period 4&5 is language arts, period 6 is art, then study, and the last tow blocks are social studies. On day two the schedule is pretty much the same beside Spanish and art. Instead of Spanish, we have gym. Instead of art, we have health.

When we get into middle school we get Chromebooks. Chromebooks are computers that we get for school. We keep the same Chromebooks for all the 3 years where here.

In the fall there are tryouts for fall sports. The sport that I tried out for was a basketball. It is really fun to play and compete with other schools. In the spring there are sports to try out for as well. I also tried out for the baseball team. That is also a way to make friends. Trying out for school team. If you make great, if you don't, you have your whole life ahead of you to try out or other teams. But if you try out, at least you can say you tried your best.

Some popular places to go in freehold would be the Freehold Raceway Mall, Ice Cream on 9, Jersey freeze, Get Air, and the classic week day nights would be Michael. J . Tige park. A lot of people go there every night to watch the baseball games that are going on.

Some trends in Freehold and in the schools as well if the sneaker game. There a lot of people including me that be and resell shoes all day. That's one of the reasons why the Mall is so popular. there are a good amount of shoes stores in the Mall. The Freehold Raceway Mall is a pretty safe places to. If you ever take a walk around the mall, you'll see about 5 security guards by the time you make it back to where you started. Another place that is very popular that I forgot to mention is Yo Mon. Yo Mon is a frozen yogurt place right next to Chipotle which is another great place to eat.

6 Tips

One tip that you should take in mind about Freehold is, never to take Route 9 on a holiday, or on Saturdays. A second tip is, to join a sports team to make friends. A third tip is, ask people the rules on the road because they are different then some states. A fourth tip is, when you shop, go to the mall. They have tons of stores. A filth tip is, don't go to the mall on Saturday. It's insanely packed. My sixth and last tip is, don't walk in the first day of school with, "what are those shoes."

Some Ways to Fit in

There are a lot of ways you can fit in when you get to freehold. One way how I fitted in was going to Rec camp In the summer. During Rec camp you get to play fun games and get a chance to talk and hang out with new people. This was a really good way to make friends when I moved here from Brooklyn New York.

Another way how you can fit in is getting involved In Rec sports or even travel if you're really good and love the game. By joining a Rec sports team, you also can make friends. You will see those people every practice or game. That is a good way you can develop a good tight friendship. This is the link for the "What are those video." https://youtu.be/IK0t38Al4_E

Michael Mancusi

Wednesday, May 25th, 10:30pm

Eisenhower Middle School Freehold New Jersey