Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

A famous WWE/WWF Wrestler

Some Wrestling Facts

The Rocks fun promos and his popularity led to a face turn and he called himself "The Peoples Champ" just like another superstar named Diamond Dallas Paige. This Made a Feud with the owner of WWE / WWF Vince McMahon who said he had a problem with the people and he targeted The Rock. A double turn happend at WWF Survivor Series when the rock defeated Vinces ally mankind in the finals of the "Deadly Game" Tournament for the vacant WWE / WWF title.

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Miami Hurricanes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

His feud with John Cena

The rock and John Cena had a big feud at the final match of WrestleMaina XXVIII and they called it once in a lifetime. John Cena and The Rock ferociously went back and forth punching each other throughout the match. The rock jumped out (kicked out) of 2 attitude adjustments and cena kicked out of a rock bottom and a peoples elbow. when john cena tried to do a peoples elbow and failed and came into a rock bottom and the rock was given a win.

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30 Second Fury - Rock Bottom
WWE: "Electrifying" ► The Rock 24th Theme Song

Some good accomplishments he had

He held 16 wwe / wwf / wcw titles

He won the Royal Rumble in 2000

He specifically won the wwe champion ships 8 times

why hes famous

The rock was a very famous wwe wrestler that every body loved even when he was a heel.

his movies

the rock was in a total of 32 movies like...

Beyond the Mat (99)

Longshot (00)

The Mummy Returns (01)

The Scorpion King (02)

The Rundown (03)

Walking Tall (04)

Be Cool (05)