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Endeavour Elementary - Week 2

Welcome to your Week 2 Update!

We really miss seeing our students each week! Thanks for those who have emailed and sent pictures. We love seeing students hard at work at home :) Please enjoy your week 2 Specialist Newsletter from the PE, Music and Library team!

PE Update - Mrs. Skogstad and Mrs. Marsh

Week 2 from Mrs. Skogstad

Hello Endeavour Families: We miss seeing everyone in the Gym. We hope you were able to use last week’s resources to keep moving, even when the weather is not nice out. This weekly update includes the last week for MARCH fitness calendar & the new APRIL fitness calendar. We also included a few fun quick exercises & skills for you to try. Mrs. Skogstad also has a goal challenge for grades 3-5. You can find all links/resources to keep staying active on our connect websites.

Mrs. Marsh’s PE connect site/Mrs. Skogstad’s PE connect site

There is one more week left to finish your MARCH fitness calendar. Email Mrs. Marsh &/or Mrs. Skogstad a picture of your finished calendar to share your fitness at home.

Grades K-2: MARCH Monthly Fitness Calendar Grades 3-5: MARCH Monthly Fitness Calendar:

Ready for APRIL on Wednesday? Start the month with doing 2-3 activities a day with April Fitness Calendar

Grades K-2: APRIL Monthly Fitness Calendar

Grades 3-5: APRIL Monthly Fitness Calendar

Grades K-5: Skill of the Week: Manipulatives: Check out different ways with Mrs. Marsh below!

Grades 3-5: Goal Check-in Challenge: A quick way to work on fitness at home. In February, 3rd-5th graders set fitness goals for the Spring. Print it out & challenge yourself to work on your personal fitness goals (if you do not remember your goals, make new ones!).

Week 2 from Mrs. Marsh - Manipulatives

Hello Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students!

I sure do miss your sweet faces. This week for PE activities we are working with manipulatives. Try doing the below activities in your house.

While staying safe and using social distancing take a walk around the block this week each day to get some fresh air. Stay safe, Stay Healthy and Stay ACTIVE!

Big picture

Music Update - Mrs. Murphy and Ms. Caulton

Week 2 Music with Mrs. Murphy

Hey everyone! I’ve missed seeing your faces in class, but luckily this week we will continue to learn together virtually. I have more fun enrichment activities for us to discover together this week! We are going to explore the music of Latin America and focus specifically on one of the instruments called the guiro. I have even included instructions for how to create your own guiro at home using materials you might have just laying around your house.

Big picture

Click on Mrs. Murphy’s Website, find your grade level, and scroll down to find this week’s activities!

Don’t forget, if you finish this week’s activities and want to keep exploring music, you can find many more enrichment activities for all grades on my website, or you can login to Quaver through Clever to access the Student Portal!

If you want to send me pictures or videos of you interacting with this week’s lesson materials, please email me!

Week 2 Music with Ms. Caulton

Every Monday you’ll find a new Quaver “assignment” for your student to launch and enjoy.

Viewing is optional. Students will recognize some favorite tunes and activities!

  • Log onto your student’s Clever account
  • Click on the Quaver icon
    • Navigate to the Dashboard
      • Click on the Assignment icon
      • Select “Endeavour_Gr2_week2” OR “Endeavour_Gr4_week2” depending on student grade level.
      • Click to launch and enjoy!

Need help to access Clever? Instructions here: https://ginacaulton.wixsite.com/elementary-music

Slides include a video greeting from myself (and Winston, my fluffy friend). Students can also record a video and send directly to my dashboard from the final slide. This method would be a great way for 4th grade recorder performers to play songs for me. A song, a drawing, or simply hello: Whatever students want to share would be wonderful!

Check out your student’s grade level tab for additional suggested activities, including a challenge to beat my scores on Quaver interactives.

2nd grade: https://ginacaulton.wixsite.com/elementary-music/2nd-grade

4th grade: https://ginacaulton.wixsite.com/elementary-music/4th-grade

Thank you for all your support!

Library Update - Mrs. Skosky

This week from the library!

Hi Endeavour Jaguars! I really miss reading with you in the library. This week I am featuring two resources:

Epic Digital Books

Author videos on Youtube

Epic is available at their website = getepic.com or as an app and is available Monday-Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM. It requires a teacher code. If your child's teacher does not have an account, feel free to use the library's code = cdu8304

There are also a lot of authors who are reading chapters from their books, giving writing advice, etc. Please email me if you would like a list of some good authors to follow or if you just want to say "Hi!".

Below are 3 videos - one for K-2, one for 3rd/4th and a final video for 5th grade. Please enjoy!

K-2nd Grade - Sam and Dave Dig a Hole Read Aloud

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

3rd and 4th Grade Video - Terrible Two Read Aloud

The Terrible Two

5th Grade Video - Writing Tips from our Skype Author Kim Ventrella!

Frequently Asked Questions from Kids: Writing Process

Please email the specialist with any questions or concerns.

Thanks for reading! We miss you!