May Recap

Prepping for Summer!

Winding down

I thought it'd be best to recap end of the month and jump into June with the many issues that arose the past month for the Mother's Day orders. As we finish up with the settling dust it is a great reminder that the Back Office is the place to be. The Nest has done a very nice job with improving communications, sometimes on daily basis and all of those feeds are available for us via our Back Office. Try to make a habit of checking it at least once daily. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, so by the end of the month ya'll will be Pros!

One of the most important feeds that have come through is on the backordered items. If at this time, the new product you ordered mid April has not yet been received and those items have been back in stock, the Nest is asking we please send in a Missing Items form (located in Back Office/Business Material) and fax, email back to them ASAP. Please make sure you follow the directions on the form, it is important when communicating back to the Nest to follow directions and provide as much info as possible that way it eliminates the amount of conversation going back and forth.

Missing items form:

What I do is lay it all out, item #, description, reason, etc that way I know I have covered my end and it shouldn't leave any doubt or question to the topic at hand. By doing this, you get your items faster!


Nest doing Conference Giveaways!

WHooo's going to be joining me at Conference in July? I am so absolutely excited about heading back to Phoenix this summer, heat and all! Prepping for the trip, getting ready to see some sister owls, its like a big ol' reunion filled with some AWESOME extras! O2 is not shy by any means when it comes to SWAG at events and from what I hear, this is going to top them all! There will also be an onsite store, unclear yet as to what all they will have but definitely bring some spending money on that!

If you checked the latest feed and going to Conference, the Nest is also going to participate in doing giveaways, check it our for your chance to win!

I have a couple extra rooms at the Sheraton Downtown $99/night booked Friday-Sunday. If you need a room or a roommate, please email me to assign you one. I will be letting these go next Monday if I do not have people to occupy them.

There is a facebook group for those attending Conference to get info for Phoenix and time of convention. If you are needing a ticket to convention, this is the place to look as well:

Getting dressed this summer?

I have wanted to do my team shirt for awhile now and wanted to take the opportunity to get one together. I LOVE this saying and wanted it for my team. If you are headed to conference, buying 2 shirts can be pricey so I would suggest to wear the Team SWIFT shirt. This one was made for us but at Conference I represent under my director which Is Michele.

The cost of the Sparkle and Shine shirt is $30 and you can order below:

The Team Swift shirt for Conference:

Now, even if you cannot make it to conference I would love for you to buy the team shirt to wear to events, jewelry bars, wherever to represent your business. It's a great marketing tactic and people will say how cute! My response being wait til you see how cute MY locket is, open the door for a sale!

This leads me to June Incentive: May was a harder month with some obstacles and are sales were good but we can make them GREAT this month! We ended May at $38,554.66, that was HALF of what we did in April. So let's see if we can rev it up, so we can set aside some profit for the summer months to go play with our families and friends!

For June I would love to give away (2) Team Sparkle and Shine shirts! Every active designer qualifies to win!

For the first half of the month:

The designer who has at least 2 jewelry bars and a future booking by the 15th of June. The 2 Jewelry Bars must have been hosted by the 15th and future booking after that date.

For the second half of the month, second giveaway winner: June 16th-30th

The designer who has at least 1 active team member or 1 DIW (must provide name and DIW must be in Future OO Swiftees group) and has $250 PV.

*If there are multiple designers who email me their qualifications then a drawing will be held to determine who wins the Team Shirt.

To enter to win you must email me the following info in their respective time frames according to giveaway. To enter for June 1-15th, email must be submitted by 6/15 12 pm CST, Subject line: June incentive. For second giveaway submit by 6/30 12 pm CST.


Yes, it is going to be a great month! I have a special Quiz for you all to submit back to me and it is also a good review tool to make sure you know your business.

The winner also gets a $25 gift card to use at onsite store if going to Conference or $25 for back office business materials or display materials sections.

FILL OUT YOUR QUIZ TODAY AND SEND BACK TO ME! Everyone may participate and you have until June 29th. The quizzes that are correct will go into a drawing I will do on June 30th.

Vanessa, Sr. Team Leader, Team Sparkle and Shine

You all continue to take heart in your business and that is what makes a business successful. Even through the bumps, continue to communicate, have faith and patience and remember honesty is the best policy. It is hard times that let the light shine and to remind that Success happens with a decision, you say yes or no. If you said yes, then you are reading this newsletter and that tells me your heart is in Origami Owl. We have our lives and Origami Owl is meant to sparkle around your life.