Factoring Polynomials

By: Kelly McAree

Methods of Factoring Polynomials

In this newsletter, we will be learning about two different methods of factoring, factor by grouping, and completing the square.

Factor by Grouping

Factor by grouping is very simple, and it can be used when an equation has four terms. All you have to do in factor by grouping is put the terms in descending order, then form two groups. The greatest common factor is then factored out from both groups. Then, you combine the terms, and you are left with the factors for that given equation.
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Completing the Square

Completing the square is another very helpful method in factoring polynomials, and it only requires four steps. In completing the square, you make one side of the equation a perfect square, then solve using the square root property.
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To summarize, both factor by grouping and completing the square are very effective methods of factoring polynomials, and both can be done in four simple steps.


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