English Language Learners

Marble Falls ISD

December 16, 2014

  • Current ELL Enrollment: 305 Bilingual, 209 ESL (12.9% of total enrollment)
  • Recently Exited Students: 136 Combined First/Second Year of Monitoring

Fall Workshop Materials

The following materials were shared in fall professional development sessions:


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  • Knowing TELPAS and STAAR/EOC scores of your ELLs,
  • Reflecting on how students' current Proficiency Levels of English impact desirable student and teacher behaviors (balancing accountability with support levels),
  • Setting measurable and attainable content and language acquisition goals for individual learners that reflect annual progress, and
  • Planning learning activities with ELLs in mind.

2015 Spring TELPAS/LPAC Activities

In February, campus LPACs will make state assessment decisions for all ELLs - have your recommendations ready based on which linguistic instructional accommodations have been successful for individual ELLs.

Be prepared to provide TELPAS ratings for K-12th grade ELLs this spring - tips here!

Access MFISD Bilingual/ESL Resources here

Proposed focus moving into 2nd Semester: Why Use Scaffolded Instruction? - after peeking at the graphic try this quick reference.

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