gas powered pressure washer

gas powered pressure washer

Are you thinking of buying a gas powered pressure washer for your business?

Do you think it is time to invest in agas powered pressure washer for your business? If you are a commercial company in the cleaning business, you need to invest in Daimer’s Super Max 12885 it is a very versatile machine and will allow you to save on the time you will spend in cleaning and money overall. The Super Max 12885 is one of Daimer's most powerful, gasoline powered tri-mode pressure washers it has an unbelievable pressure level of 3500 psi with a flow rate of 5 GPM, and advanced 18 HP gasoline engine. The Super Max 12885 can handle some of the most demanding commercial and industrial pressure washing applications. For added versatility, this power washer can be used in different temperature modes such as hot water for tough cleaning greasy areas, cold water for dirt and grime and even steam. This machine also has different heating sources like number 1 or number 2 heating oil, diesel and kerosene. Though the Super Max is ideal for outdoorusebecauseit does not require an electrical supply, this pressure washer can also be used indoors easily by placing the whole unit outdoors or in an exhaust-friendly location and using long pressure hoses to reach the desired application. Daimer's long hose technology ensures maximum power and that power can be met even with pressure hoses 300 feet in length and that makes this gas powered pressure washer your number one choice.

Why would you want to buy a gas powered pressure washer?

There are advantages to any pressure washer, but there are specific advantages to using a gas powered pressure washer. But first, why use a pressure washer at all? There are many things around the house that can be washed with water alone if it is put under enough pressure. Sometimes using a pressure washer can actually conserve water, putting water under pressure and forcing it through a smaller opening actually reduces the amount of water flowing through the opening. Both gasoline and electric pressure washer need routine maintenance to function properly and any worn parts of the pressure washer should be replaced immediately.The pressure of a garden hose is not great enough to clean anything, it just spreads the dirt around; this is when a pressure washer can come in handy. Basically a pressure washer consists of a pump and a motor. The nozzle of a garden hose increases the water pressure about four times from 10 psi to about 40 psi; a residential pressure washer can produce pressures of up to 5,000 PSI.There are many advantages to owning either a gasoline or an electric pressure washer; you just have to decide which is best for you. Some benefits of a gas powered pressure washer over and electric powered unit is that a gas powered unit can deliver a lot more PSI than electric units and a typical electric unit will deliver about 2,000 psi, this is where gasoline powered pressure washer begins, from there they go up to 5,000 psi.Because they have a higher PSI gasoline powered units are better for cleaning large surfaces like houses, driveways or decks. Electric powered pressure washers are more suited for cleaning smaller items like automobiles or boats.Since gasoline powered pressure washers do not need to be connected to a power source they are more mobile than an electric pressure washer. It is perfect for outdoor use, no extension cords are needed to reach an electrical outletand better yet, there is no cord to maneuver around or trip over.Click here and see that Daimer has the best gas powered pressure washers on the market.

When it is time make sure you winterize your gas powered pressure washer properly.

More efficient and much more powerful than a garden hose, agas powered pressure washerfrom Daimer shoots a strong jet of water to break away that dirt and grime, leaving surfaces clean. Pressure washers tend to get used heavily during the spring but not as much during the winter. Protect your purchase through cold weather by storing your pressure washer properly. You should first start by protecting the engine by properly winterizing. Gasoline goes stale in about 30 days, and stale gas can lead to a broken machine that can lead to costly repairs. Fuel over time can break down in the fuel tank causing rust, corrosion, and gun/varnish build-up make sure you flush out the system. When putting your pressure washer in storage, it is important that no water remains in the pump and you need to make sure you read your manual from front to back to learn how to clean out all of the water that could be left in your machine. Depending on where you live in the country or world for that matter you may want to an anti-freeze flush if the manual calls for it. Make sure you check all of your accessories that go along with your pressure washer to be free of any debris, oil or water. Once you have removed all liquids from the pressure washer, move to a clean, dry place.Store yourgas powered pressure washer in a cool, dry place, cleaned of dirt, grime, and moisture.

Have you been looking for a gas powered pressure washer for sale?

Have you been searching for a gas powered pressure washer for sale? Well look at Daimer for the best American made product the industry has to offer. Not to mention that right now they have some amazing sales going on and if you don’t act quickly you may kick yourself down the road. If you purchase now with Daimer you can receive up to a 30% discount. Not only would you be saving money you would also be getting the most powerful, rugged and technologically advanced gas powered pressure washer in the industry. Check out this link and you will find that Daimer has the highest quality gas powered pressure washer for sale.

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