It can happen to anyone.


  • A way to cope with emotional pain
  • low self esteem
  • Went through a traumatic event
  • Was a victim of some type of abuse

Personality Traits of People who Self Harm

  • aim for perfection
  • dislike of one's body
  • can't cope with emotions
  • can't release/express emotions
  • mood swings

How Can You Help?

  • Be accepting
  • Recognize they are in pain
  • If they are about to harm themselves, stay with them until the feeling passes
  • Encourage them to talk to someone
  • Find someone YOU can talk to about how you feel

Ways to Relieve Stress, Besides Harming Yourself

  • Put it off until you have talked to someone for about 15 minutes
  • Write in a journal about how you are feeling
  • Draw all over the area you cut with marker
  • Exercise
  • Yell or sing loudly
  • Try Yoga or Meditation
  • Cry
  • Talk to someone