My two Christmases

My family

My mom and dad have been separated for 6 years so holidays are a bit difficult like Christmas I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my mom and sped Christmas Day with my dad.Itmay be difficult but I've gotten used to it.

I spend Christmas in a suburban area both with my mom and dad.

What I do with my mom is have my grandma and grandpa over and open gifts and just have a little party.Its special to me because I get to have close family over and it's not to loud.

It's the opposite with my dad my aunt hosts the party and we have to drive out to maple grove.Once we get there we have to wait for the rest of the rest of the guests to get there.Then we have dinner and then gifts.What's special about this is we get to have a lot of family over see people I haven't seen in a while.All around both Christmases are awesome.

My community

My community

My community is important to me because it has my family and friends in it.i feel like others would like to be apart of my community because my community is loving and community is different from other communities because no one is like me or my friends or family.