Science Going Nuclear

Branch of science: Physical Science

Education Path

I would have 3 options in three major degrees in, Nuclear Engineering, Hazardous materials information system technology, and Nuclear technology. Pretty long I know but you at least have choices on what you want to do specifically. Some helpful High School Courses would be biology, calculus, chemistry, mathematics, for technology and engineering, and triode geometry /advanced algebra. If you are thinking of getting this job or trying for it you need to be smart. And many advanced classes. You need to get well actually great with numbers. You should have a associates degree in nuclear technician. I would choose nuclear technician.

Training school/collages

I would go to the University of North Texas. It is in a suburban area. I chose it because it's the best in the degrees I need. It's it's in Texas well north of Texas. It's a public school. At the University. The student facility ratio is 23.1. There is a enrollment of 35,368 people going I chose the school because of a new place and new faces. It would also be a great experience to go to a different state that I have ever been too.


The median of SAT scores are 962 1099. The a AC T scores are 22 to 23. The GPA was not found so not sure what it is.

About The Job

Nuclear technology programs prepare people to help nuclear engineers and others who work with radiation. Students learn nuclear science and safety. They also learn how to handle and dispose of nuclear waste. There are more than 100 nuclear power plants in the U.S. They account for about 15 percent of the electricity we use. And despite what you may see on "The Simpsons," their operators do not spend most of their time eating donuts and dozing.

What Factors Affect Employment for this Job

Their are 100 Nuclear power plants in the US. In fact you can find it a lot easier to find a job in the U.S. Than compared to find a Job in the globe. It's not very common In Wisconsin to find the job in WI. But their are ones in Madisson and Chicago. But the Madison one gives you more money than the Chicago plants. It seems like it's not in high demand but if you get a degree in this you will be successful in the near future. In Madison they need people who have this degree right now.


The job salary for someone who is new is, 43.47 per hour. They make a a year 90,410 dollars annually. A median person gets 54.00 dollars per hour. They make in a year 112,310 dollars annually. A experienced person makes 80.00 plus a hour. They make 116,000 plus in a year annually. That's big bucks. In the region of us we would get 75,990 if you're new in a year. Median would get 106,330 dollars In a year. Experienced you would get 164,570 in a year annually.

Branch of Science

The branch of science that this is in is Physical Science. It's categorized as physical because in physical branch they have Nuclear and Nuclear covers over Nuclear Engineering.