Ecological Footprint

By: Sarah McGlothlin

Why I chose this calculator and what I learned

I chose this calculator because you get to choose from 2 different box questions. Box 1 was just basic questions that didn't take much time. But box 2 is more detailed and the questions are explained more.

The things I learned from this calculator were how many planets we would have if everyone did the same things I do.

What does it mean to have an ecological footprint?

Having an ecological footprint is measuring what us humans do to our earth. Seeing how many miles we drive in the car, bus, fly in the plane. How much we eat certain meats and where our food comes from. How much electricity we use and how big our household is.

Carbon Market Definition

Economically efficient to reduce emissions of green house gases for trading. The ability to remit carbon remissions into the air. They allow money to flow from willing investors to make a difference in the world and the difference in the climate change.

5 ways to reduce Carbon

We can reduce Carbon by;

1.) Using less car mileage. Finding a better way to get to point B from point A.

2.) Finding a better use for electricity. Turning something off that you are not using.

3.) Getting food from local markets.

4.) Using up less space for houses.

5.) Not throwing away things that aren't technically trash.