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Distinguish the Difference among the different heating and cooling products out in the market.

Before making up your mind in changing your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump and so on, first find out the difference between the various heating and cooling products to choose from.

If you are on a quest to find the best new air conditioner, furnace or heat pump one can find in the market today, then most likely you also require the services of an expert to install them correctly.

But to find the right unit for your home among the myriad of heating and cooling products out there, do your research and try to figure out the kind, brand, model, size, the contractor, how much, applicable financing alternatives, and so on.

And to think that such a replacement is a result of a faulty equipment, this additional expense is not planned most of the time, or can even be an urgent situation that requires you to make a big decision done hastily. Here is what you must do:

Why do you want to change your current HVAC system?

If you are now searching for a new HVAC system after having a recent service where the service technician advised you to look for a new system since your current one is dangerous, give more time to think about it first.

It is not common to replace a system early on. At times, repairs are necessary even though they cost the same as a brand new system, but that does not indicate you should throw away your old one and buy a new system at short notice. You can always explore other alternatives in fixing your faulty unit.

Now, when you answer that “I have to,” then secure a second opinion first.

Perhaps, you also have an old system, and you just want to avoid the ordeals of having yearly repairs.Or you are after energy-efficient units that can help you minimize your monthly utility bills, or you feel that your current system no longer heats or cools your home sufficiently, these are probably valid reasons to change your unit.

Before looking for a contractor, think about the brand that you want to buy.

Who are the best heating and cooling product manufacturer?

Consumers nowadays are after brands, be it an iPhone gadget, a Honda Civic car, a Sony laptop, or a Starbucks coffee. We are all after a certain product’s brand.

When we shop, we often pick out a certain brand first then head to a specific store or dealer. To illustrate, here is how it goes. You see a Honda Civic, see others driving one, and now you also want one. You now head to a Honda dealer to get the best deal, or to the particular dealer whom you already have a great relationship with. You hope that you get both from that dealer, though. After all, you are after the car.

But you need to know that with HVAC dealers, they are also the manufacturers. Trane XL19is are not Trane XL19is despite them having the same label. It is a bit peculiar, but read on.

There are around six manufacturers of HVAC equipment in the United States today, but all of them are available in the market under as much as 150 brand names.

To better understand, check the succeeding brand names belonging to similar manufacturing lines that end up having different labels, paint, and marketing strategies:

  • Armstrong, Lennox, and Concord
  • American Standard and Trane
  • Payne, Carrier, Tempstar, and Bryant
  • Lux, York, and Coleman
  • Amana and Goodman

Now, do you get it?

The majority of the parts making up these brand names are produced by only a handful of companies: Johnson Controls, Emerson, and Honeywell.

Moreover, these companies are in reality billion-dollar conglomerates. All of them use very stringent quality processes alongside multimillion dollar equipment that create almost mistake-proof products. Again, all of them are efficient at making various heating and cooling products.

But what sets them apart then? On the average, there are minor differences among these top-of-the-line products like what brand has the thermostat with the bigger touch screen, or whether what model is 98.3% or 98.4% efficient? But all in all, these are insignificant features.

Choose the Best Heating and Cooling Contractor

Not like a Honda Civic, HVAC products are sold in pieces and are not calibrated. It is a heating and cooling contractor’s job to assemble them and ready them for installation. Manufacturers can only set up heating and cooling units in their testing lab.

Air conditioners and furnaces do not come in assembled. Contractors have tools that cost around $5,000 and significant years of training for them to be capable of finishing what the manufacturers have started. But the thing is, they do it in the homes, offices, attics, backyards or basements of their clients.

But what makes other heating and cooling products stand out from others?One biggest factor is that global advertising campaigns ensure that people know about it. Most of all, they are highly-selective on the ones who can install the items they manufacture. Handymen or plumbers cannot just install their items.

How do you choose the perfect contractor then?

  • Read reviews. Be cautious and read from credible sites and sources.
  • Verify licenses.
  • Check certifications.
  • Ask around and ask for references.

Please be guided by the suggestions mentioned above to help you discern the best heating and cooling product brands out in the market today.

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