Roaring 20's

The roaring 20s was an economic boom period that had a positive effect on the daily lives of many (but not all Americans). New technologies such as the automobile,airplanes,radios, and new appliences improved peoples' lives. However,some such as sharecroppers,farmers,and underpaid factory workers were not able to enjoy this rising standard of living


Prohibition was a ban of alcohol
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Jazz is music that was created by African Americans. They used brass and woodwind instruments and the piano.

The 19th Amedment

The 19th Amedment was passed in 1920 giving all the women the right to vote. It was a result of the contributions women made during The Great War
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Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance was when black artists moved to Harlem,New York. They used writing,music,and painting to share their ideas and feelings about life. They wanted to end discrimination, or unfair treatment or African Americans.
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The first Radio

The first radio was created by Guglielmo Marconi
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Mass media

Mass media helped create a common American Culture by making ads,news,sports ,and soap operas.

They with business because they had to entertain the world