Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia

Unit 14.1

Why should you move to the colonies

Our colonies in Singapore, Burma, and Philippines and Thailand are a great place to make money. In Burma many timber mills have work to be done and money to be made in the industry. In Singapore, the rubber industry is booming and a plentiful amount of money is circulating around it. If you aren't looking for industrial work, in the Philippines they are drowning in money in the coffee industry and in the sugar industry.
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How is it helping our country

Our country has used much of our natural resources in the industrial industry. Many lands in southern Asia have what we need. We have colonies down there and are working currently gathering materials. Colonizing the land is also a chief goal of ours. The land itself doesn't have a strong power. We as a western nation need to colonize it before another western nation does. If we do this successfully we will get more land, more money, and more resources.

How are the people that live there

In Philippines a man named Emilio Aguinaldo had beaten the Spanish and declared himself president of the Republic of Philippines. The United States of America under Commodore George Dewy had defeated the Spanish navy in the harbor of the Philippines and now have turned to take over. Emilio revolted against us but no need to worry are forces are dealing with the revolt currently. No harm is to be done to any colonist that come here. In Thailand the two kings of the free state, are named King Mongkut and King Chulalongkorn. Both leaders are great friends of us western powers and mean no harm to any of the colonist. For Burma and Singapore, there is no one the colonist have to worry about so please come for all the riches.

Final information over the different colonies

In Burma the imperialism from western countries have complete control over the land and all of the resources there. No need to fear of the power of the places we are taking over. The Social Darwinism idea is in play. We are more powerful than these countries so its only naturally right that we take over. We have Direct rule over the government so its completely harmless to come here. In the Vietnamese lands the French have set up a Protectorate government were they rely on the power of the main land to enforce their governmental rule. To note if you go to the East Dutch Islands, many of the power there is of Indirect Rule of the western lands. The main body of westerners there co-operate with the elite class to influence government there instead of abolishing native rule.