The Best Space for Learning

Daisha and Skyler The way we see it!

The Furniture

We choose this modern desk and chair because it will provide comfort and and workspace for the children. It is has been proven that kids work better by being able to spread out their material in front of them.


We will have a 1 to 1 ratio in the classroom with iPads. Ipads are very versatile machine, the students will be able to take them home to work on homework, and there are also many apps that we could use in our classroom to help our future students learn.

The Relaxation Station

A place for the kids to chill! Kids can get overwhelmed in the classroom and there always needs to be a place in the classroom where they can relax and get away from things. We have shown a couple fun ideas for our future classroom to help the kids read and relax and use their creativity.
Cool Ideas to have for a reading stations! It its an easy way to get them excited about reading and engaged.


It is very important for kids to feel order in the classroom. In some instances kids do not have that order in security in the home, and this order will make them feel more secure and help them learn.