Hermoso Comida

A Mexican Restaurant

Owners: Julianna Chmiel, Destiny Fraga Marie, and Jaren McDonald

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Chicken, Spinach, and Pepper Jack Enchiladas

Stuffed tortillas with sweet onion, green chiles, cream cheese, shredded Cheddar Jack, and Salsa Verde on top. (About 220 calories per one)

Grilled Pepper Poppers

Zesty peppers, three cheeses (goat, parm, and cream cheese) , and jalapeños (About 50 calories per one)

Mini Chicken Chimichangas

Flaking crust filled with corn, salsa, shredded chicken, and melted cheese. (About 240 calories per one)



Ground cinnamon, salt, sugar, oil, and flaky bread. (172 calories per one)

Mexican Cinnamon Brownies

Brownie mix and ground cinnamon. (190 calories per one.)


Milk, salt, sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and vanilla beans. (140 calories per 40 grams.)

Main Dishes

Lime Chicken Soft Taco

Onions, pepper, chicken, red wine vinegar, salt, garlic, flour tortilla, tomato, lettuce, monetary jack cheese, and salsa. (210 calories per one.)

Mexican Casorole

Ground beef, salsa, chili beans, crushed tortilla chips, black olives, green olives, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. (308 calories per one.)

Burrito Pie

Ground beef, onions, garlic, green peppers, black olives, tomatoes, taco sauce, beans, colby cheese, and flour tortillas. (374 calories per)

Mexican Styled Chicken

Chicken breast, garlic, salt, pepper, cheddar cheese, salsa, and cumin. (278 calories per one.)

Mexican Syled Chicken

$5.99 for 1 slice
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