Cartagena de Indias

Distrito Turístico, Histórico y Cultural

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Cartagena or Cartagena de Indias is a city on the northern coast of Colombia in the Caribbean Coast Region and capital of the Bolívar Department. The port city had a population of 892,545 as of the 2005 census. It is the fifth-largest city in Colombia and the second largest in the region, after Barranquilla. The Cartagena urban area is also the fifth-largest urban area in the country. Economic activities include maritime and petrochemicals industry, as well as tourism.


There are 3 interesting places: Beaches - Monuments and Museums.


They are called the playa blanca beach, the bocagrande beach and the marbella beach.


They are called the centro amurallado, the torre del reloj and the bovedas.


They are called the gold museum, the arte moderno museum and the naval caribe museum.

The best is the centro amurallado and it's located 15 minutes away from the center of the city.


Hat vueltiao: This is a very turistic thing wich is designed with caña.

Bags Wayuu: This is a thing wich is elaborated with wool and a lot of patience.

Carnaval Mask: These are mask wich are elaborated with calabazo but sometimes people wear masks elaborated with wood and then they paint them.


Fairy Taurina: This is a celebration when the bull-fighter from Colombia and another countries makes shows. It's held on January 2nd

November 11th: This is the most important celebration. It's the independence day. It's held on November 11th

National Beauty Contest: This celebration select the most beautiful girl in the country. It's held on November 15th.

Important People

Mayor Dionisio Velez: This is a person who is elected by the people and his purpose is to lead the city.

Governor Juan Carlos Gossain: This is a person who is elected to be in charge of the city

Caribe Hotel

To get there from Base Naval ARC Bolicar you have to go up one block. Then, turn right and then turn left. Go straight along 8 blocks for the carrear 1. Later, Turn left one block and turn right and you will get it.
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How many and How much

- How many pole are there?

There are 5 poles there.

-How many flags are there?

There are a lot of flags there.

-How many swimming pool are there?

There are few swimming pools in the hotel.

-How much water is there?

There is some water there.

-How much plants is there?

There is a lot of plants in the hotel.

-How much grass are out of the hotel?

There is a little bit of grass out of the hotel.


How much are 5 bottles of water?

They are fifty euros, twenty-five cents. (50.25)

How much is a cellphone?

It's twenty-five pounds, thirty five pence. (25.35)

How much are 10 computers?

They are fifteen millons dollars, thirthy five cents.