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How education change in the 1920's.

Education Growth in the 1920's

Education grew a lot in the 1920's almost as four times as much. Before the 1920's only 1 million students enrolled in high school and during the 1920's over 4 million students enrolled in high school.
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Baby Boom

After World War 1 the birth rate in the United States almost doubled. This made a increase demand of teacher for schools. This helped the job market and grew the education level of most student more then 30% of student started passing.

Rural to Cities

This caused a big growth in schools and employment because that was what people wanted for their family.
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Progressive Education Movement

This was an Educational Movement made by John Dewey. "John Dewey was a philosopher, social reformer and educator, he changed fundamental approaches to teaching and learning."(Schütze 1).

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Principles of the Education Movement

  • Education must prepare students for active participation in a democratic society.

  • Education must focus on students' social, emotional, academic, cognitive and physical development.

  • Education must nurture and support students' natural curiosity and innate desire to learn. Education must foster internal motivation in students.

  • Education must be responsive to the developmental needs of students.

  • Education must foster respectful relationships between teachers and students.

  • Education must encourage the active participation of students in their learning, which arises from previous experience.

  • Progressive educators must play an active role in guiding the educational vision of our society.

Plans for Education

There where many plans to help build education one big plan that help both students and teachers was the Contract Plan. This plan made students and teachers sign a contracted that the student will do the work given and the teacher will give the letter grade that the student deceivers.


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