Weekly Bulletin

Cox Elementary April 28, 2016

Hawthorn's Hype

It feels like many things are about to happen all at once! So...Here we go! Please read everything!

1. Soon you will receive placement cards for students. The first step is for you to place the dots on cards according to any special program. We expect the cards today (Thursday) or tomorrow. We will need them back in the office by May 6th (Friday). I will email the complete placement process soon.

2. The parent input form has gone live. If you have parents asking you questions about next year's teachers, please DO NOT recommend a teacher to them and refer them to the website so they can complete the form. Many times in the past, parents have indicated that a teacher has said their child will have Mr./Mrs. Teacher. Parents tend to read into your comments, so, please choose your words carefully! :) Remind parents we do not take specific teacher request.

3. Talent Show - Please remind students that the Talent Show Forms are due Monday! Also, it would be great if you'd like to share a special talent as well!! I know we have some talented teachers!

4. Great Job on Family Literacy Night and the Book Fair! Many, Many, Thanks to those who were able to come and support this fun night!! (Photo Below)

5. Congratulations and Thank you to the Third Graders and Teachers for raising and donating over $500 to the SPCA (photo below)!


The DRA Window opens Monday and has been extended through May 27. As we continue to strive for consistency and useful data when it comes to the DRA, the LA vertical team has decided to implement the following procedures for EOY:

  • As you complete your DRAs, please have SOMEONE else look over them. This might be the IC, SRP teachers, or a teammate. The purpose is to have a “2nd set of eyes” look for oversights in the following areas:

    • Basic rules of the DRA - “gray area” for accuracy/fluency; stop, go on, or go back rules, especially for comprehension; ensuring that above-level readers are advanced in both areas in fiction and nonfiction in order to move more than a year ahead; ensuring that below-level readers have an opportunity to try their highest independent level.

    • Continuum completely filled out.

    • Student first and last names, teacher names, and the date you administered the test on the front of DRA.

  • Please fill out this chart to verify that you had your DRAs checked.

  • Make sure DRAs are complete by May 25 so that there are still 2 days to make corrections or retest students before the window closes. Please start as early as possible (with your above level students) when the window opens Monday, May 2.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, SRP or IC can help! Please know that we are ready and willing to support you as you complete this important assessment on your students.


Friday: Assembly in AM

Saturday: Math Pentathlon 4th & 5th Go Comets!

Monday: RtI During Planning

Tuesday: STAAR Training after school (per Phyllis's email)

Wednesday: STAAR Training during planning for 3rd, 4th, 5th

Wednesday: Staff Meeting - Painting update

Thursday: 2nd Field Trip

Friday: 1st Field Trip

Friday: Talent Show

Friday: 3rd Mother's Day Tea


May 9-11 - STAAR Testing (See Phyllis's email for specifics and ESPECIALLY the schedule)

May 11 - Leadership Team (Master Schedule discussions)

May 12 - 4th Field Trip, "Remember the Alamo!"

May 12 - Kinder Pictures

May 13 - Dance

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