30 day Fitness and Health Challenge

*For everyone*

The challenge

Starts August 26th 2013!

Each day you will explore a new challenge. There are no set days you must complete the task, but you must complete them one by one, each day. The only required challenges to be completed on specific days are Day 1 and Day 30:) With each challenge you try, you must upload a fun photo of you at your challenge! :D Have fun and get out of comfort zone!! :D

Day 1- Before photo

Day 2- Work out in park

Day 3- Try Zumba

Day 4- Spin class

Day 5- Vegan for a day

Day 6- All veggie snacks

Day 7- Run city tour 5k in you town

Day 8- Try pilates

Day 9- Enjoy a massage

Day 10- Try boxing

Day 11-Try a dance class

Day 12- Treat yourself to new workout outfit

Day 13- Squeeze in an extra workout

Day 14- Treat yourself to new outfit or dress

Day 15- Take a walk after dinner

Day 16- Try rock climing (indoor/outdoor)

Day 17- Try crossfit

Day 18- Skating(ice skating or rollerblades)

Day 19- Bike ride outdoors

Day 20- Go for a Hike

Day 21- No Sugar/Coffee/Soda

Day 22- Try Health food restaurant

Day 23- Get your body measurements taken(hydrostatic, BodPod, or at gym)

Day 24- Eat at home on a weekend day

Day 25- Mediate AM/PM

Day 26- Try new fruit/veggie

Day 27- Make healthy dessert and share!

Day 28- Eat Paleo

Day 29- Family day out, all activites must be outside (picnic,ride bikes, frisbee-ALL DAY!)

Day 30- After photo

Lisa Griffin