Weekly RoaR

Week ending December 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Dec. 21 - Linda Legg

Dec. 27 - Kameka Banks

Dec. 30 - Candy Reynolds

Dec. 31 - Rhonda Carroll

Jan. 2 - Megan Bodmann

Jan. 5 - Dawn Mesnard

Jan. 5 - Chris White

Jan. 6 - Diane Hite

Dates to Note

Jan. 4

PTA Board Meeting, 6:30 PM

Jan. 6

WTG Wednesday, 3-4 PM

Jan. 8

4th Grade to Austin

Jan. 14

Math & Science Night, 5-7 PM

Jan. 15

21 Day Challenge with Leo the Lion, 8-8:30 AM

Math & Science Night

This year, in addition to the SMART Girls, we will also have the Perot Museum! The PTA has paid for the museum to come out and hold learning stations.

Here is a quick overview of the evening:

  • Perot Museum stations: gymnasium
  • Science Fair Projects: cafeteria, Dodd winners on stage
  • SMART Girls stations: art room, main hallway, 101, 2nd lab
  • Math Games with Dice: classrooms - 3 rooms/grade level

Each family that attends will be given dice and copies of some of the games. Please send the attached Save the Date to your parents before break.

The Frame to Question Switch

As discussed in PLCs this past month, we will be making the switch from the "we will, I will" lesson frames to the guiding questions, following the break. These should be reflected in your lesson plans and posted in your rooms for you to refer to before, during, and/or after instruction.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Vacation/Personal Days before a Break

Dr. Vinson sent this to administration this week:

One item I did want to mention regarding vacation. If a professional employee wants to attach a vacation before the break to the current break, they need to run that by Scott Winn. We do grant some exceptions but largely don’t allow this to occur. It looks bad when we don’t let parents do it and don’t follow the same rule.

Just a heads up.

WTG Wednesday - Jan. 6

Our staff meeting on Jan. 6 will cover SIOP and ELPS. Dr. Truncale and Mrs. Warren will be here to present. It is a different training than we had last year. With our growing ESL/LEP population, we want all certified teachers to attend this training. Please bring something to write with and be prepared to be actively engaged.
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