Flip Flops

Meg Graham

How to Make Havaianas


Natural rubber comes from rubber trees such as the Pará rubber tree, the Panama rubber tree and other diverse types. The rubber is extracted from latex in the rubber trees. The other type of rubber is synthetic rubber, which includes silicone and neoprene. These are components in synthetic rubber. Chemicals are put into making the rubber.


This is a chemical compound that is used to make flip flops. It's is the foam seating of the shoe.


The colors on the shoes are made up of synthetic dyes. These dyes are produced by organic items, such as roots, berries, bark, leaves as well as fungi. There are other types of dyes that are also used for flip flops such as vat, mordant and direct dyes that include several chemical products.


In the factories, they are cut with giant metal cutters, that cut out the shape of the foot, as well as the three wholes for the V shape that you insert your feet between. All parts of the shoe are made from rubber, and are cut, and assembled into the shoe. Factories are fueled by coal and electricity, making the wake larger.


After tapping the rubber trees, and cutting the rubber into shoes, they are distributed world wide by trucks, planes, as well as ships. The CO2 emission comes out of the planes, trucks, ships and trains.