Anton Chekhov

a famous Russian short story & drematic play writer. By Ben

Personal Life

Anton Chekhov was Born on January 29, 1860, in Taganrog, Russia. His siblings were Maria Chekhov, Nikolai Chekhov, Alexander Chekhov, Mikhail Chekhov and Ivan Chekhov. His mother's name was Yevgeniya Chekhov. His father, Paul Chekhov, grew up in an impoverished family. Anton's grandfather was a serf in Czarist Russia, but through hard work and thriftiness, he purchased his family's freedom. Young Anton's father became a self-employed grocer, but the business never prospered and eventually fell apart. Chekhov started at a Greek school for boys after that he attended high school until his father went bankrupt which relocated the family to Moscow.

The story of Anton Chekhov becoming famous...

Before becoming one of the most notable Russian short story writers, Chekhov was a trained medical doctor in Moscow. At first he wrote for humour journals, authoring "low-brow" shorts, which prepared him for the plays and short stories that made him famous in the late 19th century, including The Proposal, The Wedding and The Anniversary. He is regarded as one of Russia’s most cherished story tellers. He has produced some hilarious one-acts, but his tragic stories have gained him the name of being one of the major dramatists. Today, he is remembered as a playwright and one of the masters of the modern short stories.
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