What's New in Mrs. Allen's Room?

January 18-22, 2016

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Dear Parents,

Let me first begin by apologizing for completely forgetting to do or send a newsletter for last week!! That first week back to school was trying for everyone, to say the least! Fortunately, last week was much more "normal" than the week before!

Since this week will be a short one, we will not be reading out of our reading books or having the usual comprehension, spelling, or grammar tests. Instead we'll visit a short reader and discover a fairy tale called Sleeping Ugly. It's a cute story similar to Sleeping Beauty. It is also very timely with regards to our observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The moral of the story is that you shouldn't judge people by their outward appearances, much like Dr. King tried to teach our country when he was alive!

Speaking of Dr. King, we often have discussions in our classroom about how we treat other people, how we should treat other people, and how we would like other people to treat us. Inevitably, disagreements happen and disputes arise. When all the details have been flushed out, my first question is usually, "Would you like someone else to treat you that way?" And the answer is usually, "No." At that point, I remind them of the sign outside the classroom door that says, "Because nice matters." We don't always have to agree or even like each other, but when we treat each other with dignity and respect, we get so much more accomplished together!

Thank you again for sharing your children with me, and have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Allen

This Week in 3rd Grade:

READING: We have finished our first reading book! Before we begin the second book, we will enjoy the short story Sleeping Ugly. The story is a spin on Sleeping Beauty and provides an excellent opportunity for the class to compare and contrast, as well as learn more about fairy tales.


SPELLING: We will not have a spelling list or a spelling test this week. Instead, we will review math vocabulary and have a test over it on Friday. It is the same list that we had earlier in the school year, so the class should be more familiar with the terms on the list now.

WRITING: We are working on various writing prompts in an attempt to increase writing stamina. The writing portion of the I-STEP+ test allows the students 50 minutes to write a story from a prompt that they are given. The longer they are able to write, the more they will write, and the better they will score. We will also be practicing adding lots of details, adding WOW words, and staying on topic.

MATH: We have begun Topic 13: Perimeter. Before we test over perimeter, we will cover a little bit of how to figure area. The test will cover both topics, but has not yet been scheduled!


Noteworthy News...

  • Our PRIDE convo has been rescheduled for Friday, January 29th. Parents and other relatives may attend, but parents will need to submit names of those coming ahead of time. Forms will be sent home that can be returned with this information. The names submitted will be checked against PowerSchool to be certain that they are in there, and all ID's will be checked at the door.
  • Outdoor recess is a possibility (weather permitting) later this week. Teachers will be notified one way or the other after the Parent Forum on Tuesday evening.
  • Report cards went home on Wednesday, January 6. If you have not yet signed and returned your child's envelope, please do so as soon as possible!
  • 3rd Quarter book report info will come home on Tuesday. The genre of this quarter's book will be non-fiction (something true), but NOT A BIOGRAPHY.
  • I will be more of a stickler with regard to your child's AR reading this semester. I have been telling the class all year that they should be working toward earning at least 1 AR point per school week, however there are several students who have yet to earn 10 points. Recess may be on the line!

3rd Quarter AR Stars

  1. Myles Sprong
  2. Cade Diallo
  3. Isabella Ventura
  4. Gabbey Ridge
  5. Beckett Melban

Special Class Schedule for Jan. 18-22

Mon. - MLK, Jr. Day--NO SCHOOL!!

Tues. - Gym

Wed. - Computer Lab

Thur. - Library

Fri. - Music

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the following students with January birthdays!

Brady Wachtel -- Jan. 10

Cameron Colglazier -- Jan. 12

Julia Carr -- Jan. 17

Star Student

Our star student this week is KATHERINE DEGROOTE!

These are some of Katherine's favorite things:

FOOD: Watermelon


TV SHOW: Sponge Bob Square Pants

SONG: Any Country Song

RESTAURANT: Noodle's & Company

BOOK: The Magic Tree House books

COLOR: Green