Communication & Employability

Unit 1

Specific Skills (Task 1)

Technical Knowledge: For an employee to have technical skill is vital because if that employee is working for a organisation or big company they have to come across some technical difficulties and the employers has the purpose to choose the right applicant who has a good sense of solving the technical problems and who can overcome that problem. This is one of the major attributes which are valued by employers at recruIT. Another reason why technical skill is important because currently all the organisation or company is based on computer which is why employers want to recruit employees who have skill in technical.

Work attitude: For an employee to work well at their work place employee need to make sure that they enter there with a good attitude towards working which would be much valued by their employer they’re working for. It keeps the employee motivated and keeps up with the work if they have good attitude towards work. On the other hand, if the employee is unhappy about the work they are doing and they have negative attitude towards work then they will not be motivated which can lead to cause problem for the employee and in some case employee can get himself fired from his work place. This is the reason why employers are interested in employee who is interested and passionate about the career they want to work also who have good working attitude.

Health and safety: this is one of the main issue while an employee is working in a organisation because if they don’t have enough technical knowledge and good attitude working and the employee tries to misuse the organisation product as employee doesn't actually have knowledge of using it and at the end this can turn out to be really harmful for the employee as well as the people who are working in the organisation. Another reason is that if an employee is ill then they should stay off from work until they recover. For Example: if the employee has flu and still decides to go work then people that he works with are going to get the illness from the employee which is not acceptable. This is one of the main reasons why health and safety is so important to the employers because it is employer responsibility to recruit employee who are responsible for their action.

General Attitudes (Task 2)

Time management: Is a major problem which every staff members struggles within the organisation. In order to maintain their job and keep the employer happy they have to accomplish their work within the given time. This includes numerous things like getting to their work place on time and finishing their work on time. Time management is really important because employee have to make sure that they are not wasting their valuable company time by attending their personal issue which are irrelevant to the job. If a employee finishes all the work on time and comes to work place on time then his effort will be valued by the employer because it shows employee motivation towards his work and employer will realise that employee is willing to do a good job.

Planning skills: Simply means thinking ahead and deciding what to do in order to achieve what you want. This planning skill includes setting up goals, deciding employee strategy, setting certain objectives and matching their performance alongside their objectives. There are good ways of measuring on what you cannot and can achieve. First they have set their self a goal which is important and it is attracted to recruIT organisation because they like employee who can plan ahead for future and this is why planning skill are much appreciated by the employers

Team working: Is also a major skill which are required and much valued by employers because employers expect their employee to work and communicate well with all other employees in the company. However some employee can work better independently because they don’t like interruption or noises while they are working. recruIT values employee who has the ability to work together as a team. The major reason why working as a team is successful because it will make the work load easier and lot lesser also they can finish their work quickly team working often includes good communication skills with other team member because employee has to be up to date with what other employee are doing as well letting them know what you are currently working on. Communication skill is much needed to achieve all the task which are set by the employer. This skill is appreciated by the employer as they would like to know that you can work as a team and get the job done quickly.

Numeracy skills: Require the employee to have good mathematical skills. Numeric skill is essential because it helps employee with basic stuff like calculation because employee calculations have to be accurate. It is also important if they want if you want to work with recruIT then you have to make sure you have gained advanced numeric skills as we might require our employee to do some coding which requires good mathematical skills. This numeric skill is much valued by our employer because they know that employee they are selecting have a good understanding of all subjects which includes mathematical.

Attitudes: Technical and soft skills can be learned but there are so many other soft skill which are appreciated by employers like dependability, determination, confidence and independence skills. These skills are essential as the employer at the recruIT expect our employee to have all of those skills. The reason why these skills are important because employers have to make sure that they are choosing the right employee who is determined about their job, independent and has a good level of confidence while communication with other people or other team member.

Determination: The reason why the recruIT employer want determined employee is because we only want best employee to work on our company and the people who are determined are tend to work really hard while they are at work which is appreciated and valued by our employer as they wouldn’t choose employee who have the knowledge by only comes to company just to earn money. This is why employer often prefers to choose employee who enjoys doing the work as well as knowledge of the employee.

Independence: Employer at lrecruIT is looking for employee who can think for themselves. recruIT is simply looking for an employee who is basically not dependent on others like being told what to do next all the time. On the other hand they are looking for an employee who shows more initiative towards company. This doesn't mean that we want our employee to act without checking it first or do something without consulting another employee about how it’s normally completed. Employer would be valued if an employee shows a good level of common sense and flexibility towards the work in order to meet the expectation of our employer.

Dependability: Being dependable and reliable is one of the ways of measuring how dependable a employee is. recruIT requires our employee to be reliable which also includes other qualities like turning up to work on time, finishes the job on time and finally does the work at their best ability and employee have to make sure they keep the personal problems separate from their profession. These skills or attitudes are focused by employer because they look for these attitudes while choosing an employee.

Confidence: If an employee lacks on confidence then that employee is will not be able to solve a problem and mostly they have low chance of getting a job because we require out employee to be confident while speaking to other people as well as to our clients who are much valued. Being confident means that employee will be able to face all the challenges in future life in order to achieve their goals. If an employee is not confident then they might not be able to find best strategy they have.

Potential barriers to effective communication & Explain mechanisms that can reduce the impact of communication barriers (Task 3)

Cultural differences: This skill is vital because every employee need to be able to communicate with everyone in your organisation in order to finish the job you got. One way of completing this task is understanding the cultural differences because in your job you’re most likely to work with people from difference cultures therefore you should try to adapt the surroundings rather than expect them to change. Furthermore it is must that you are able to speak English clearly so you are able to get your point across with your customers. To improve or surpass your cultural difference between people which comes from different culture. First way is to be able to communicate with those who are from a different culture with different gratitude and respect. Second way is to put yourself in their shoes and start treat them like the way you would like to be treated. By doing this it will help employers to respect their employees cultures therefore that no employee may discriminate due to their culture.

Adapting content and style to suit audience needs: Every employee gets variety of audiences which ranges from school children to elderly. Therefore as an employee you have to communicate with them by raising your voice, selecting in your choice of terminology and make sure you are presenting your message in a different format to each customers. The method you communicate to your audience depending on their: Race Age Religion Gender These issues create a strong impact on them. To reduce the mechanism of this the speaker needs to talk in a diverse way that the audience won’t feel offended physically / verbally by what the speaker is talking about.

Techniques for engaging audience: Every employee must make sure they are engaging their audience because you have to keep audience entertained. The simple point in behind this is that you have to keep the audience feel interested and at the same time they are amused. You can do this by involving Pictures, Animation and videos. They have to make sure they engage their audience by keeping them entertained by including pictures, videos and animation. Also when they show a video or picture they have to make sure they explain the purpose or message behind that video or pictures. Interpersonal skills:

Body language: This is one of the main interpersonal skills. When you’re speaking to your audience you have to make sure you are standing straight towards the audience because standing straight will enable you to speak loudly and clearly with your audiences. By having good body language in your organisation means you’re good employees. Furthermore, body language can communicate by hand gestures, facial expression and body posture. By having open body language with audience it allows everyone to feel relieved with each other and lets people build good working relationship with their co-worker. This means that no one feels like they can’t convey different views to others also it enables the employees to have the freedom of speech.

Positive or negative language: Positive language or negative language depends on the individual’s body language and the audiences are able to tell if you have a positive or negative language by looking at the way you communicate with other people also by looking at your body. It’s compulsory that every employee show positive attitudes towards their customers and other members in the organisation all the time. Positive language means you’re a better than others and the job can be done quickly. To improve this you have to make sure you always have positive language towards everything you do so you have enough positive language towards your working career as well. also it enables you to have positive language towards your audience which means your audience will be happy as well as your employer who will be happy.

Active engagement: This is one of the very important communications because it shows that you’re communicating with your audience. It is always vital to connect your audience to show them what you’re trying to sell to them. Additionally this is important because it shows how effective your ideas are. Make sure you have clear voice so it doesn’t compromise the conversation. By having clear voice while communication is very beneficial for example if you had to talk to a new people and you spoke unclear then it creates a bad impression about you to them. Especially when you’re giving presentation or persuading you need to be clear and avoid any mumbling therefore you message can get across. Written communication skills:

Key Messages: Key messages are the basic core of your writing. Key message is what keeps the audience trusted into reading your work and make them continuing reading your work furthermore. Key messages are opinions that you can back up with proof and case examples. With every text messages there are the messages hidden which you want your audience to remember the most out of your text. You have to make sure your key messages are right and they don’t have double meaning therefore other people aren’t offended while reading the key message. Key messages have to be straight forward when it comes to getting your point across.

Spelling and grammar: If you want your communication at a perfect standard then your grammar must be good. Grammar is fundamental while communicating with other people because it helps you to structure your sentence. Showing how good you are with your grammar shows how professional you are with your English knowledge. By showing you are good at your English; employers will know you are able to finish with any writing task. You can improve this by doing the spell check feature on the Microsoft word. A click of button checks all your grammatical and spelling errors to be corrected. If the document is handwritten then read through your work again and review any words you’re unsure about by using a dictionary. Finally make sure that your handwriting is clear enough and consistent for people to read so they can understand your writing.
Structure: This skill relates to spelling and grammar (above), this skill is important because it is important to structure everything you write. There are lots of different ways you can structure e.g.: letter, you need to follow certain structure in order to create a professional letter therefore it is fundamental that you understand how to structure everything. To improve the structure of your work make sure all of your work is arranged therefore it makes it easy for the people who are reading it. Example: Letter. A basic structure is title so people can understand what the topic this letter talks about. Next structure is that make sure the letter are same size because it makes it easy for people while reading it. Another structure is use simple language because it enables audience to understand what you’re trying to communicate with them and they can understand your point easily.